A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You please awkwardness ironically.

You encounter bards to warp spacetime.
You write about furniture to establish your brand.

2D Game.

"Ba´r´d review" - A tale that where told, never.
You are the bards apprentice, that  must review the ancient furnitures in the old lands, a place no one knows. In order to spread the knowledge of your order, which is the embodiment of things that never where or could be. 

Game mechanics.
For each area, you need to review the ancient furnitures in a certain amount of time or else the other order of "NAME" will kill you. The bard´s will help you suppress their present using the ancient devices "TimeSpacer" which never where invented. 

You are actually the evil person in the game Kappa :) and the other order is just trying to stop you from destroying the world. Who knew? 

Install instructions

-Download RAR file


-Run "KrassJam - Bard Review"


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