A downloadable game for Windows

  1. 5 man squad
  2. Breach and clear
  3. Tactical


In a time of war, your team have been given the task to inflitate the enemy base, to find out if the rumours of the "ominous entity" are true.


Tactical mode: The game is pause while you plan your next moves, position your squad and give them commands to execute.

Play out: Your team executes your command in real time, where there will be focus elements if your squad engages in combat etc.

Calm mode: You can move your squad in real-time.

Graphic style/theme:

Low colour settings set in a alternative time periode of World War 1.


[1-5] to select a unit (this LOCKS the selected unit)
[LEFT MOUSE] to set a waypoint AND angle between waypoints
[BACKSPACE] to undo a waypoint
[F] to accepts commands as they are (UNLOCKS the selected unit, and a new one can be chosen
[SPACE] Executes commands


Steam Squad - 51 MB
Steam Squad - 51 MB
Steam Squad - 51 MB

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