The intel gathered, points towards a big research facility on the outskirts of "Lubbeek" where various experiments and weapon research are being conducted, not much information about the weapon research are known but there are whispers about a fire-breathing weapon, and mechanical walking tanks, these kind of weapons could have a devastating effect to the overall war effort, and the fact that all attempts to infiltrate the facility have failed, makes it the highest priority in the war effort, and have been given the codeword "Cataclysm"

Your team will be send behind enemy lines to infiltrate and do what ever is necessary to destroy this facility, and make it out will all the intel you can gather while seizing all the weapons you can find so we can either dismantle them or used them against our enemy.

Your team have been fully equipped with the best weapons and utility for this mission, but ammo will be limited once behind the enemy lines and it will therefore be of the utmost importance that you learn to use the weapons of the enemy, do what ever you have to out there!

Commander "Duke" this is the unit that you have handpicked for this mission.

We know you are more then capable of commanding your unit, but we have prepared a crash course in some of the standard functions and strategies used by the infiltration units, do you need to go through the crash course or do you feel ready to win this war?

Game keys

[Breach Mode]

Left mouse : Set waypoint
Left mouse : Set angle which the unit will looks towards, while moving there and active the waypoint. (enables you to set the next waypoint)
F : Execute set commands!

[RTS Mode]
Left mouse : Move selected unit to mouse
HOLD right mouse : Selected unit will look towards the mouse

[Change mode]
Space : Changes the mode between RTS and BREACH


1-5 : Select/DeSelect units

Art style

The art will mainly be all the material I can scrape up from the periode of WW1 combined with elements of steampunk – for inspiration I can look at the game "Iron harvest"


The story take place in a alternative story line in the periode of WW1, but I will not directly touch on the subject of the war itself. All characters and countries will have different names and the world will be completely different then earth itself.  



This will be the standard gameplay, where you select and move your units forward in a more fast paced action, there will be limited commands to chose from since the focus will not be on the tactical side until you chose it.

This gamemode is also used for picking up intel, changing weapons, and various other mechanics.


This will freeze time and you will be able to order each unit to do a set of 5 commands each, which have multi. Sub-commands are as follows:

  1. Wait for X seconds
  2. Execute when A/B/C/D are ready (when more then one unit have the same letter they go)
  3. Special commands (unit specific)
  4. Open doors etc.

Maybe it could be able to make a replay command of the "breach" section?

Install instructions



-Run "nw.exe"


Steam Squad - 64 MB
Steam Squad - 64 MB

Development log

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